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Chicago Southland on Travel Planners Radio

By published August 28, 2015

At the Travel Media Showcase in Bloomington, IN, we met Travel Planners Radio Show Hosts Sue and Kevin McCarthy. Chicago Southland CVB President/CEO Jim Garrett recently spoke with Sue and Kevin at GAB Radio Network. More information about Travel Planners Radio Show can be found on their website. 

Topics that were mentioned include:

To listen to the interview, press the play button below.

Travel Media Showcase Journalist Choice Award

The award they mentioned in the beginning of the interview is the Travel Media Showcase 2015 Journalists Choice Award. The Travel Media Showcase, offers a unique opportunity for top travel journalists and travel industry professionals to meet one-on-one, at a single location, for the purpose of exchanging information and developing personal contacts. At the end of the show, each journalist is asked to vote for the exhibitor that was most prepared, energetic and helpful. As you heard in the interview, Sue and Kevin McCarthy were one of the many journalists who voted for Chicago Southland Communications Manager Juston Teach and Marketing Manager Kristen Bonk.
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