Pullman National Monument

11141 South Cottage Grove Avenue, Chicago

From the "World's Most Perfect Town" in 1896, to near demolition in the mid-20th century, to a neighborhood revitalized in the present day, the saga of the Pullman Palace Car Company and neighborhood known as Pullman is on display at the Pullman Historic Society Visitors Center. The center sits on the site of the Arcade Building and includes exhibits that feature historic pictures, Pullman related items and a short video that summarizes the town's history.

The Visitors Center is the starting point for your self guided walking tour of the Pullman National Monument. The tour will take you to the historic Greenstone Church, made from the distinct serpentine stone. From there you will travel past neighborhood row houses, through the Market Square, and finally to the grand Hotel Florence. Guided tours are available; contact the Visitors Center for more information.
Pullman Gallery